4 Ways to Reduce the Stress of a Financial Job Interview

4 Ways to Reduce the Stress of a Financial Job Interview

Being nervous because of your job interview is normal. After all, you know that there are other people who want the same position in the company. You also know that the interview could make or break your chances of getting the financial job. Needless to say, you know that the person standing between you and your potential employment is the hiring manager, or the person conducting the job interview.

But here’s the thing. If you continue to let your nerves affect you, you’re likely to show that nervous energy during your interview. Don’t psyche yourself out because of your interview for finance jobs. This means you shouldn’t spend each day nervously second guessing the way you will answer the questions. When you’ve finished doing your research, you can confidently take on any type of question thrown at you.

What you need to beat is the stress and anxiety that comes before and during your interview. Here are some tips.


Cover the Basics

When applying for positions like internal audit jobs, investment banking jobs and MBA jobs, expect to answer questions about your salary expectations. Know what amount will be considered fair, taking into account the basic salary in your state for these positions. Practice the way you deliver your answers and memorize the numbers.


Like a Scout, Be Prepared

Be prepared to talk about your previous work experiences. Be aware of what you can and cannot mention. This is particularly tricky because your personality traits will become obvious just by the way you answer this question. If you talk smack about your previous employers, your potential employer will think that you are not above doing the same thing if they hire you for a finance job position and you end up dissatisfied with the job. Memorize your lines. Remember what’s safe to say, and what should be left unsaid.


Stick to the Schedule

Rushing to meet an interviewer can be stressful. You don’t want to be out of breath and frazzled when you enter the room. Make sure you’ve eaten a small lunch before you enter the interview room. You don’t want your hungry stomach growling right when the questions start coming on. Don’t drink stimulants like coffee or soda because these drinks are diuretics. It’s unnerving to have to go to the comfort room in the middle of the interview.


Ask Questions About the Results of the Hiring Process

There are some companies that leave you hanging and hoping you’d get a call from them in the next few days. If they don’t volunteer the information, feel free to ask when the hiring process will end. Some companies share information about the hiring timeline with candidates, and promptly deliver the good or bad news by mail or by telephone when the process ends. Ask politely if you can call them to stay updated with the results of your employment application. Many applicants put every other job opportunity on hold until they’re completely sure that they did not get the job in a certain company.

If you follow all these tips, you can be confident about the finance job interview. That confidence will tell of your preparation and your enthusiasm to get the job you are aiming for.