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What is Equity Research?

Equity Research is the process of gathering essential information about a firm and processing that information into practical recommendations for trading that firm’s equity stock. It entails assisting investing firms make an important decision about investing in the market at the right time to enhance the possibility of investors increasing their wealth.

Deciding what career to pursue in your life is one of the most vital decisions. It requires significant consideration and profound research. Luckily, there are numerous lucrative professions to select, from-from medicine to entrepreneurship to finance.

As careers such as equity research advance and become more glamorous, you can take another direction in your career.

If you want to pursue equity research as a career, it is imperative to understand that it has no hierarchy like its investment banking counterpart. Equity research has two primary positions ‚ÄďAssociate and Analyst.

Unlike other corporate finance sectors where the associate is usually senior to the analyst, while undertaking equity research, you occupy a junior position as an associate and senior position while working as an analyst.

Equity research and Equity Research platforms are indispensable assets for investors who want to stay current on the market and catapult their industry trends. Today, fund managers with top-ranked research firms apply a significant percentage of equity research to get it and the necessary resources to extract it for comprehension.

The fundamental aim of equity research is to offer investors comprehensive financial analysis and suggestions on whether to purchase, hold, or sell a certain investment.

What Do People in Equity Research Do

Although equity research has several designations, one of the significant professionalisms in equity research is Equity Research Analyst. An analyst in equity research is mandated with significant decisions, including monitoring companies’ developments and assessing their performance.

As an equity research analyst, your primary task is to help financial firms and banks find a way through selling and buying in the market. Since firms would entirely rely on your predictions and forecast of the market to develop financial decisions, it is essential to equip yourself in financial modeling and research matters.

To be a proficient equity research analyst, the systematic study of equity and stocks is paramount. It is an industry that requires analytical and research-oriented people who appreciate the stock and shares market dynamics.

Where Do People in Equity Research Work?

Equity research professionals work for both buy-side and sell-side firms in the securities industry. Some of the most significant sectors in equity research include consumer staples, World Wide Web, excavation, technology, among others. A team of associates and an analyst can handle a minimum of five firms or extend up to 15 firms, depending on their position, how big or small the company is, and the industry’s overall size.

Equity Research Buy-Side Firms

The primary role of buy-side firms is to purchase securities. They are the ones who invest immensely in the markets. These firms work by collecting money from various sources, including their clients, and putting it back in the company in order to raise the profit margin.

Such firms have a devoted team to conduct thorough equity research and project the best stocks to buy. Examples of buy-side equity research firms include pension funds, asset management firms, insurance companies, and others.

Equity Research Sell-Side Firms

These firms work hand in hand with corporates and other financial institutions. They assist such firms in collecting money through selling securities. They achieve this by introducing various levels of securities to the financial market on behalf of the corporates.

The main task of these firms is to recommend these securities to potential investors. Therefore, sell-side firms also possess a team of equity research experts that will assess these securities and develop a comprehensive report, exhibiting the strengths and weaknesses of a company.

The sell-side firm also offers investment projections to buy-side firms or investors. Some of the examples of sell-side firms include investment banks, commercial banks, brokerages, and others.

What Degree is Required to Become an Equity Researcher?

If you aspire to be an equity researcher, whether as an associate, investment banking associate, or any other path in equity research, you must pursue a bachelor’s degree. You can either study a degree in economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, or even a bachelor’s degree in physics and biology.

Although a bachelor’s degree can give you an edge in this field, it might not be enough to get a job in these fields. To set yourself apart from the crowd, plan to enroll in a post-graduate program in Investment banking and capital markets. Following a CFA level-1 syllabus entails full-figured modules that do not require you to graduate in commerce.

How Much Money Does an Equity Researcher Earn?

As an equity researcher, the lowest salary you can receive is approximately $61,000, while the high end is around $146,000. However, the average yearly salary for an equity research job is approximately $95,000.

Equity Research Job Requirements

Equity research has emerged highly competitive, with everyone wanting to join the field. This sector is not as big as other sectors within the same path, for instance, investment banking. Therefore, numerous qualified applicants are seeking a smaller pool of jobs.

Due to this, an overwhelming majority of future equity research professionals devote themselves to professional courses and training to make them more noticeable, get absorbed in the system, and eventually secure a senior position.

Most investment firms work with individuals who have professionalism in finance, commerce, business administration, and accounting. They may also offer chances to undergraduates with analytical expertise in mathematics and statistics. For you to be considered for a career in equity research, the following professional qualifications are vital:

1. Chartered Accountant (CA)

Undertaking an exam in CA can give you an edge in a career in equity research, such as an Equity Analyst. This can refine your auditing, accounting, and equity analysis skills. As a CA, you can either work in a private sector or a public sector. You can still offer your skills to international clients or become your boss.

2. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Joining the CFA program is crucial as you forget your path in equity research. CFA hones you with real-time skills in economics, quantitative and qualitative analysis, financial reporting, and others. Pursuing a CFA degree is vital to enhance your skills and get a competitive edge in this field.

Equity Research Career Path

A hardworking and devoted individual can find a wide range of opportunities for advancement in Equity research. Although a career in equity research can take several paths, there is a clear path with an established duration for career advancement.

As an equity researcher, you can begin by working as an associate. You can later be promoted to the position of analyst. The analyst job may advance to a senior analyst position where you will be tasked with higher-level tasks and management responsibilities. The most senior level in equity research is the vice president or director of research.

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Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Informatics and Data Science (primary) and Department of Surgery (secondary Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health, Loyola University Chicago Maywood, Illinois 11/20/2023
Senior Grant and General Ledger Accountant Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers Boston, Massachusetts 11/20/2023
Investment Due Diligence Specialist Bank of America New York, New York 11/19/2023
Investment Due Diligence Specialist Bank of America New York, New York 11/18/2023
Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Informatics and Data Science (primary) and Department of Surgery (secondary) Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health, Loyola University Chicago Chicago, Illinois 11/16/2023
Director, Counterparty Credit and Debt Capital Markets Capital One New York, New York 11/12/2023
Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Informatics and Data Science and Department of Surgery Loyola University Chicago CHICAGO, Illinois 11/07/2023
CIB - Research - Equity Research - Analyst JPMorgan Chase Mumbai, 11/07/2023
Vice President, Structured Products Sales Capital One New York, New York 11/06/2023
Investment Banking Associate, Corporate Finance, FIG Citizens New York, New York 10/30/2023
Equity Research - Food Retail and Food Producers - Associate JPMorgan Chase Ny, New York 10/28/2023
Research Associate, Alliance for Healthier World Health Equity Research and Student Scholars Manager Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland 10/19/2023
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